Tsukitabi Audition 2020
About the audition To audition to join the group, you have to:
  • Be a girl
  • Be 16 and older
    If you are underage in Japan, you will need your guardian's approval for image rights as well as each commute for group activities.
  • Speak at least conversational Japanese and English
  • Be able to travel to Tokyo at least once every 2-3 months (all travel expenses and dance studio rental fees are up to the members)
  • Have a love for J-pop and Japanese idols!
Process 1st Step:
You have to send us the following documents by email:
  • The completed form below (copy and paste it into a new document)
  • 1 video of you dancing
  • 1 video of you singing (older videos are accepted as well)
We will send you an email to notify you once your application has been registered.

2nd Step:
We will get in touch with the candidates who passed step 1 for a video call interview with the members, in English and Japanese.

Send your application
Profile Form General information
First name: Your text
Family name: Your text
Nickname: Your text
Date of birth: Your text
Age: Your text
Nationality: Your text
Height: Your text
Town or Prefecture you are living in: Your text About Tsukitabi
Desired stage name: Your text
Why this name? Your text
Do you know what is a dance cover? Your text
What are your strengths? Singing, dancing, creating costumes, design...
What are you hoping from this group? Why do you want to join us? Your text
Can you regularly come to Tokyo/Osaka? Your text
Do you know our sister group Amaitsuki? Your text
How did you hear about Tsukitabi? Your text
What is your opinion on international mutual understanding? Your text
Experiences abroad? Your text Preferences
Coffee or tea? Your text
Favorite number: Your text
Your type of music: Your text
Type of music you don’t like: Your text
Favorite flower: Your text
Boring topic of conversation according to you: Your text
Favorite food: Your text
Food that you can’t eat: Your text
Favorite colors: Your text
On the contrary, colors you won’t ever wear: Your text
Groups you like (music, dance cover…): Your text
Favorite idol group: Your text
Favorite sport: Your text
A word you often say/like: Your text
Sweet or salty? Your text
Favorite place (in your house, in the world...): Your text
Favorite quote: Your text To know more about you
Tattoos, piercings? Your text
Any health issues we should know of? Your text
How do you imagine yourself in the future? Your text
Do you have pets? Your text
What would you change in your current life? Your text
And in the world? Your text
The first thing you think about when getting up: Your text
What do you think of love? Your text
Is there something you always carry with you? Your text
What's on your walls? Your text
What is under your bed? Your text
Shy or extrovert? Your text
How many languages do you speak? Your text
What would you like for your birthday? Your text
Hobbies: Your text
Describe yourself in a few word: Your text
Something else you want to tell us? Your text